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Who can become a member of PSPiPPP? 

An ordinary member of the Association may be a natural person with higher education
education, holding a valid Psychotherapist, Mediator, Coach Certificate
or Process Psychology Facilitator or a certificate confirming the right to
conducting psychotherapy, mediation, working with groups or facilitation or coaching methods
process psychology under the supervision of a certified process psychology teacher.

If you want to become a member of PTPiPPP

Then click on this link to download the MEMBERSHIP DECLARATION as a PDF file.To kliknij na ten link, aby pobrać DEKLARACJĘ CZŁONKOWSKĄ w formie pliku PDF.

Complete it and then ask two current PTPiPPP members to sign it.

You can then hand it over personally to one of the Management Board members.

You can also scan it and send it to (the original document will be sent to you at a later date).


Membership fees for 2024 are PLN 200.

Please pay your membership fees to the following account:

Polish Association of Psychotherapists and Process Psychology Practitioners
al. Armii Ludowej 6 / 120

00-571 Warsaw

account number
51 1240 1040 1111 0010 8919 7447

title: „membership fee for 2023”