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Challenges facing Polish psychotherapy

We invite you to listen to the recording of the conversation between editor Katarzyna Kasia and Renata Mizerska on Radio Nowy Świat on January 9. 

Less than a month ago, Renata Mizerska, president of the Polish Psychotherapy Council, was appointed as a national consultant in the field of psychotherapy. He is therefore the first person to hold responsibilities in this field. – Polish legislation still lacks an act on the profession of psychotherapist. This generates situations that make legal control of the reliability of information about the qualifications of individual therapists difficult. The position I have adopted creates an opportunity to verify very diverse problems related to, among others: with the system of recognizing psychotherapists’ education and the scope of availability of their services – said Renata Mizerska, who was hosted by Katarzyna Kasia in ► Nowy Świt. 

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Renata Mizerska